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NAS media serveriai

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  • Synology Disk Station DS115j


    The perfect blend of versatility and affordability

    Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, DS115j is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simple, yet feature-rich NAS server. Easily back up documents, monitor live surveillance feeds, or build a personal cloud to share files with friends and family.

  • Synology Disk Station DS216


    All-in-One, high-performance NAS server suitable for small offices and workgroups

    DS216 is a feature-rich 2-bay NAS server, suitable for workgroups and office environment. With a hardware encryption engine, DS216 delivers speedy performance and protects data effectively, while boosting productivity.

  • Synology Disk Station DS216j

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    Faster, personal cloud solution

    Manage media and data, and backup your devices to DS216j with a powerful, all-in-one solution, delivering fast data transfer performance, DS216j is designed for cool and efficient operation with extremely low power consumption. The noise dampening design fits perfectly anywhere.

  • Synology Disk Station DS216play


    Multimedia-optimized, high-value NAS server ready for 4K UHD transcoding

    DS216play is a 2-bay NAS featuring 4K Ultra HD video transcoding and powerful processing capabilities, letting you enjoy high definition media contents, as well as keeping all the other aspects of a fully-fledged NAS uncompromised.

  • Synology Disk Station DS416


    Feature-rich and high-performance NAS server optimized for businesses and homes

    Synology DiskStation DS416 is the ideal solution for SMBs and home users seeking to establish a robust, dense, and high-value storage server or private cloud. Featuring a powerful hardware encryption engine, DS416 ensures your encrypted data remains available in an instant.

  • Synology Disk Station DS416j


    Faster performance on your private cloud

    Equipped with a powerful dual-core processor, DS416j delivers outstanding performance while supporting up to 40TB of raw storage space, making it the ideal foundation for your personal cloud storage and multimedia needs. Adjustable brightness settings on the front LED indicators combined with quiet operation allow for easy placement anywhere.

  • Synology Disk Station DS416play

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    Massive storage capacity plus 4K Ultra HD capability

    Synology DS416play is born to be your ideal, centralized multimedia center with large storage capacity up to 40TB storage size, allowing you to store and share all your favorite videos, photos, and music. With the powerful built-in AES-NI hardware encryption engine, it provides ultra-fast encrypted data transmission performance with 225 MB/s reading and 205 MB/s writing speeds.

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